The world of adults is also boring. In addition to watching mobile phones and watching TV, we should also communicate with each other, increase some indoor activities, strengthen effective communication between teams, and enhance friendship and interaction.

Paper Tower

Paper Tower is a quick indoor group activity for adults that requires only one sheet of paper and about five to six minutes of time. Many companies promote Paper Tower as a way to encourage teamwork and improve problem solving. However, Paper Tower also allows each team member to demonstrate creativity, collaboration, commitment and ability. Every game needs to be constantly innovative in order to be engaging.

Game play.

Divide the team into groups of four.
Provide each team with 30 sheets of paper.
Give teams six minutes to build the tallest paper tower possible without using glue or tape.
When the time is up, the team with the tallest tower that remains standing is the winner.
Paper towers are fun and it’s always neat to see people come up with creative ways to keep them standing using only paper. People keep trying. No matter what, it’s a challenge to their abilities to adjust to new heights!

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