At weekends children don’t need to spend time at school, there is plenty of energy to burn. Games and activities to get their blood flowing are essential for children and adults alike. Everyone wants their children to have fun at the weekend and to exercise while they play.
Yes, both adults and children need exercise – if the weather is good, it’s a good idea to send the kids out for a game of basketball, football or hockey. If the weather is bad, we should arrange an indoor activity, or play basketball or hockey indoors and then roll up the smelly socks and laundry basket.

Host your own game show
Hosting your own game show at home is a fun way to break the mould.
Chopped Junior – host your own cooking or baking competition in the kitchen.
Jeopardy – Ask questions that test your child’s learning and will also encourage them to learn new things.
We can also let the children draw whatever they want artistically and let their minds take flight. I think the children would love to do this, and they would have even more fun if their parents could join in.

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