Today we are introducing St. Patrick’s Day games, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day activities, whether at home, at a party, or of course at work as a victory celebration. This is definitely one of the most lively St Patrick’s Day party games you’ll find!

A fun-filled St Patrick’s Day party game
In the old days, I never really cared for St. Patrick’s Day. Because it’s a holiday that only the Irish love so much. But slowly I discovered the joys of it, like eating corned beef and mashed potatoes, potato soup and so on. There are lots of Patrick’s Day traditions and unique and fun St Patrick’s Day activities, like this St Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt!

Fun activities for St Patrick’s Day, very easy to combine with other activities.

Not only are they great for adult party games, teen games, but they can also be for preschoolers! I’ve done them with my whole family – from 4 years old to grandparents – and everyone has had a great time!

Activity 1: Man vs Man —— Clock St Patrick’s Day Game
In this activity one player will try to beat the clock in each game. So, for example, a participant will have to try to get all the lucky charms from one bottle to another within one minute. If they complete the task required within the allotted one minute, they will win a prize. If not, let the other participants continue to try.

If you like this style of activity, I suggest choosing a different participant for each game. You can also extend the time to complete different things, and the rewards are graded according to the level of difficulty.

Activity 2: Head to Head —– St Patrick’s Day Race
In this style of activity, a referee will pick two players for each game and the two participants will go head to head in the game rather than trying to compete for points. For example, the referee would give each player a bottle and see who could get the lucky charm from one bottle to the next first. The first person to finish wins the prize.

Activity 3: Team competition St Patrick’s Day party game
In this style of game, which is suitable for teamwork, the referee will divide the team into two teams or more (depending on the number of participants). For each game, the participating teams must choose a player to play head-to-head with the other teams in the game. So, for example, each team will get a bottle, the first team to finish will get 10 points, the second team will get 5 points and so on.
This activity is ideal for large groups of people, the more people the more fun it will be and the better the teamwork!

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