What I am sharing today is an interactive game for children and parents to play at home, increasing the intimate relationship between parents and children, so that children can better express love.

Materials: Music and Reception Lots of laughter!

Parents and children dance and play together until one of them shouts ‘stop’. Let your child and parents do funny poses together or pose as their favourite animal.

Materials: charades or post-it notes and pens, plus a timer.

This famous game is played between two people or groups of two. One player draws an image while the others try to guess what they have drawn within the time limit. It allows children to use their imagination and improve their comprehension and expression skills.

Hot potato
Materials: Children’s music; plastic balls (or other small, tricky fruits!)

Have each player sit in a circle. Pass the ball around while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person with the plastic ball leaves the game. The last person to leave is the winner!

This game allows children to appreciate the time constraint and the importance of seizing opportunities.

Exercise your children’s reflexes!

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