The difficult moment comes after every dinner with friends or family. The cake or tart is served and the eyes are dazzled. But since I just had a big meal, I can’t enjoy dessert. what is a sweet tooth We need to determine when is the best time to eat and enjoy desserts, and if there is an ideal time to wait to look for signs of hunger. I have no doubt that this is always the ideal time for dessert, but registered dietitians believe that earlier in the day may be better for digestion. In fact, eating dessert before bed can lead to acid reflux, heartburn, an upset stomach, or poor sleep. This is because carbohydrates take about one to two hours to digest. When you add more ingredients like protein and fat, our gut needs extra digestion time. Desserts are always so tempting!

Most desserts are high in fat and carbohydrates. This can increase the working time of our organs. Registered Dietitians see desserts as part of celebration, indulgence and sheer pleasure. So if you want to eat them later in the day or in the evening, that’s fine. You can eat dessert at any time of the day if you tune into your body to determine what you want to eat and it is hungry for dessert. eat dessert! Many people limit desserts or sweets during the day, even when they are craving them, which can make them feel out of control over sweets later in the day.

According to dietitians, searching the pantry after a meal for your favorite cookie or chocolate may indicate that your meal was unsatisfying. Sticking to a restrictive or boring diet may be the reason. I also love desserts, as I have since I was a child, and even now that I am a parent of children, I buy them regularly. Although I would enjoy them myself, I would not want my children to eat too many desserts too early.

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