My favorite celebrity, Edison-Ray, whose hotness makes me envious, says one of the aspects of her life that she currently feels most secure in is body image management.

With more than 130 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, Edison-Ray’s journey to learn how to love herself is becoming routine. The 22-year-old recalls that she was first introduced to Instagram when she was 12 years old, and since gaining a large following and great fame, she has felt a lot of pressure to maintain her body image.
She has previously spoken about the impact social media has had on her mental health, and that much of the negativity she faces online is related to her body image. Because her body is constantly changing, but people are demanding more and more body image, fans think she should look perfect, or look hot, or cool, or pretty. But I like her comfort level, and she doesn’t look like beauty standards. Sometimes it’s a mock compliment because people say, ‘I’m glad she’s comfortable’ confident that she doesn’t look that perfect. Yes, as a star with a huge fan base, these comments are enough to make her feel psychologically stressed and she does need a kind of self-regulation.

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