Do you believe exercise can help you lose weight? In fact, of course it can! Today, we share the weight loss experience of a father who used exercise to successfully lose half of his body weight, which is a success story worth sharing with partners who want to lose weight. Weight loss success will be very beneficial to our physical health and family happiness.

Winchester, 33, had trouble finding comfortable everyday furniture and was unfortunate enough to be verbally abused by strangers on the street because of his height. The inch data analyst and father of two from Kent decided to make a change and enrolled in a weight loss program during which he lost more than 92 pounds. As a result of eating healthier, his 28-pound frame has changed and he now weighs 13 pounds and 6.5 kilograms. , and her waist has grown from 48 inches to 31 inches. His success story even led him to be named “Global Weight Watcher of the Year”.

Healthy weight loss methods listed according to the National Health System include: not skipping breakfast, having regular lunch meals, eating more fruits and green vegetables, actively participating in outdoor sports, drinking more water, eating foods high in fiber, and checking food before eating Labels, use smaller plates, don’t fast, don’t eat junk food, cut back on alcohol, plan your meals. I believe that as long as there is a plan to lose weight, we will be able to successfully lose our excess weight.

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