Are you concerned about mental illness in children? New research shows that nearly three quarters of parents are concerned about their child’s mental health. Since the pandemic virus, their children’s mental health has become a higher priority for them.

As parents of children, worrying about your child’s mental health is an issue that deserves attention. We want them to grow up healthy, both physically and mentally. Since the pandemic, they are often restricted from outdoor activities and have to be confined to our house and face online education. Children also have to complete online assignments, which can be a very tedious process. There is no interaction with other children their age, only computers and family. There is a lack of necessary social activities, which can also affect the mental health of children. Parents are also concerned about these changes, but are only limited by some reasons to provide effective ways to improve them.

Mental health experts tell us how we should guide children’s emotions, establish effective communication channels, and provide immediate feedback on possible mental illness. I think that when the pandemic is over, more beneficial outdoor communication will forget about these unhealthy emotions.

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