If you’re like us, it’s easy to lose motivation when confronted with the smallest hiccup. Tell yourself that even the smallest of mishaps will “set the tone” for a bad day early in the day. We feel a little sorry for ourselves, lamenting that we can only hope for a better tomorrow. But what about a better afternoon? Or an hour? Well, TikTok’s latest productivity hack lets us trick our brains into overcoming obstacles. Known as the “four quarters method,” the method involves dividing the day into four parts: morning, late morning, afternoon, and night.

It’s basically based on a similar principle to the relay, viewing the day as a series of sprints rather than a long marathon. others at the end of each quarter and even level up to reach the end. The idea behind this is that by segmenting your time, not only will you get the best bang for your buck in terms of productivity, but you’ll also change your entire mindset so you don’t fall into traps or have a raging impact on your rest of your day . Whether you’re not meeting your goals at work, encounter an unexpected hurdle, or just slip, dividing your time allows you to mentally move on to a new quarter and take the previous quarter and leave all the negative stuff behind, like we tried to do when we start our day. So how do you keep us motivated? Most of us feel more energetic and optimistic about getting things done at the start of the day or at the beginning of a task. By tricking your brain into believing there are multiple starts a day, we harness the motivation that comes with new beginnings. And don’t worry about lag.

So if you’re underperforming or lagging a bit in a quarter, you can use the next three quarters to get back on track. That way, instead of writing all day as bad or useless, you can have multiple starts to revive it. In keeping with this approach, we recommend taking a break from what you’re doing at the end of each quarter, and we don’t mean just sitting in the same place with your phone all day. do something. Even if it’s just a minute, Eating lunch, showering, or sipping a cup of coffee on the balcony, it’s a good idea to break up those fragments with something practical to support the cognitive transition.

Although every day looks different, there is something to be gained from this practice, especially for those of us who work from home in our pajamas. And don’t blame yourself if you’re struggling to master it, because it literally changes the entire way you think about time — not the same light-hearted little twist that TikTok lifestyle hacks usually give us. less time anchoring ourselves at the low points of our days and more time using the time to really achieve what we want.

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