How can we reduce the obese population? Today’s topic is whether the Nordic diet can fight childhood obesity when introduced in childhood. Because the Nordic diet is rich in low-protein foods with many varieties such as berries, fish, root vegetables and whole grains, this diet is considered healthier. When infants 3 to 6 months of age were fed human milk or formula along with feeding the test formula. After maintaining this pattern for a year, the participating babies ate almost
times twice as many vegetables as conventional baby food.

This pattern does not appear to have any side effects. The introduction of a low-protein Scandinavian diet to infants unfamiliar with this diet and increasing intake of more fruits, berries, vegetables, and roots establishes the 12-month ideal. Nutrition and improving children’s eating habits will be key to reducing the obese population.

The Nordic diet combined with lactation, a pattern that greatly improves infant health. Of even greater concern is the possibility of reducing the incidence of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease by adopting a Nordic diet. According to the analysis, around 2.5 million children in England are overweight or obese, with around one in five of them being obese by the time they reach secondary school. I really hope that the Nordic diet can help solve the children’s problem. Obesity, It would be very important for our quality of life. Parents who adhered to the Nordic diet received home recipes, low-protein baby food and social media support. Between the ages of 10 and 18 months, these babies are eating 43% to 45% more fruit and vegetables than the traditional diet currently recommended by the Swedish Food Administration.

Everyone hopes that children can grow up healthy and happy, so solving the obesity problem is a lasting research direction. I hope that infants and young children fed according to the Nordic eating habits can reduce the number of obese people.

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