On some children’s festivals, children’s best friends can also come together indoors for indoor activities and games. Today I would like to introduce a game that is suitable for children’s parties.

Bringing home the classic birthday party game – no party required!

Materials: hidden places.

It’s a game that many parents have played themselves as children, but today it’s a new twist on an old game to make it even more fun!

When one finder finds the hider, they search together for other hiders. Another fun option is to have one person hide while everyone looks for that person together. Of course, the need for a larger place to hide will increase the difficulty.
This game will teach the children to work as a team!

Musical Chairs
Materials: music; chairs

Grab the chairs Game, put the chairs in your house in a circle with one less chair than the people playing. When the music starts, each child will start dancing or running around the chairs. When the music stops, each child must find a chair to sit on.

Of course, each time the only child without a chair to sit on is eliminated. One chair is taken away each round until there is one winner left!
This game will work on the children’s reflexes!

Broken Phone
Materials: two or more players Join in.

You can get the whole family involved in this humorous game!

Whisper a word or phrase in the ear of the person next to you. They repeat it to the person sitting next to them, etc. Once they reach the last person, they announce the word or phrase (even if it is distorted). This game is a great way to teach children communication and important listening skills.

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