Foster our children’s creativity with craft games and activities.

  1. Plasticine
    Material. Playdough in assorted colors (or make your own sticky slime) and your child’s imagination.

Children pick up colorful playdough balls and watch as children’s creativity shines through. Parents teach them how to use cookie cutters, rolling pins, and decorations to create items kids love!
This was one of our favorite activities when we were kids, even if it wasn’t colorful.
Give full play to children’s own creativity, improve their hands-on ability, and expression ability.

  1. Build a fort
    Materials: tables; blankets; chairs; boxes; pillows, etc.

Using blankets, sheets, chairs, boxes, and your little one’s imagination, parents create a fun fort with their kids. Then find ways for children to learn more about the joys of life, such as telling fairy tales in a fortress or setting up plays with puppets.

  1. Family “Guess who I am?”
    It’s a board game “Guess Who?”; a custom game template; family photos.

Take a spin on the classic board game and create a “guess what” game featuring your child’s family members, friends, or even their favorite movie characters.

Once made, they’ll have a hilarious time playing with it over and over!
This game helps to develop children’s communication and learning skills.

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