Find new ways to keep the kids entertained at home, as it can be difficult since the pandemic.

As the cold weather approaches, your children will have to spend more time indoors. But being inside doesn’t have to be boring!

For many new parents, children have limited indoor play, such as board puzzles or other sedentary and boring activities. While these are also fun, indoor sports games are more motivating, promote social interaction and inspire a love of learning, all of which can be done at home as a parent!

To help you learn more about indoor games, we’ve rounded up a variety of fun indoor games for kids of all ages.

Find your child’s new favourite game below!

What are the benefits of indoor play for children?
Many parents may think that indoor activities have a lot of limitations. But indoor games offer a number of benefits for parents and children alike.

indoor games promote learning and teach children new skills.
they take up less space than playing outdoors.
children are able to maintain safe movement at home and under parental supervision.
Whatever the weather, it doesn’t affect the children’s play and they can always enjoy it!

Indoor games to develop your child’s skills

Help children develop important skills and a positive growth mindset as they play games!

Prodigy Math

Materials: Electronic device with a web browser or Prodigy Math application.

It’s the online maths game kids can play anywhere to keep your kids hooked for hours! — Please take care to protect children’s eyes,, not to last too long with online games.

For children, Prodigy is an exciting video game, full of virtual quests, mini-adventures, exciting battle scenarios and much more. But for parents, it is also an educational tool that promotes independent maths practice and helps you to meet their learning needs through your own parent account. Children will also learn something while having fun.

Benefits of using Prodigy at home.

Create a close bond with your child – help them when they are playing and of course you can join them in their playtime.
Give them something to do that interests them – encourage them to play and practise maths independently, while you have more time for household chores or other tasks.
This is the most important thing to note: give the children healthy playtime – no more guilt about showing time! While they are playing, they are also developing important maths skills to help them achieve their academic goals.
Help them socialise virtually – kids can use the player versus player feature to battle with other kids in the game or work together to defeat the Titans hidden in different Prodigy worlds. Giving children more interaction is also a great way to improve communication skills.

Family Band Party

Materials: cutlery; plastic bottles, small buckets or empty yoghurt pails.

Help the children to develop their most basic musical skills. Start by using the utensils on an empty bottle or bucket to play a song that the children like and know well. Then, let the children find other simple materials to make music with! This will develop the children’s manual skills and music recognition skills. It’s worth mentioning that parents need to be present to make it work!

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